WTN: Brown Brothers Cienna 2008 - Australia

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WTN: Brown Brothers Cienna 2008 - Australia

Postby Sue Courtney » Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:02 am

According to the literature, "Cienna is an exciting new grape variety bred by the CSIRO Plant Industry by crossing Sumoll, a grape variety from Spain with Cabernet Sauvignon."

I opened this six months ago - the down under summer equivalent of what you are experiencing in the Northern hemisphere now.

Brown Brothers Cienna 2008 A radiant purple violet in the glass, sweet and syruppy but refreshing and fruity served straight from the fridge on a very hot summery afternoon. With its frizzante demeanour, it is like sparkling grape juice though much better with its thick vinous texture. Greatly appreciated by everyone on the day and perfect for a summer tipple if you are the driver. Just 5% alcohol by volume, it matches savoury and spicy hot as well as sweet. Yummy with strawberries, delicious with chocolate and surprising good with spicy Vindaloo. Just watch the bottle if the kids are around.
Price NZ$15.

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Re: WTN: Brown Brothers Cienna 2008 - Australia

Postby Peter May » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:21 am

I tasted the Cienna at the winery and my relatives (not big wine drinkers) liked it so much they bought a case.

I wonder why Brown Bros make the variety in that style and what it'd be like made as a normal dry wine.

Have to applaud Brown Bros for their willingness to make wine from unusual varieties, few of which we see in the uK, though we get their Cienna and Tarrango.
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