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WTN: 2007 Domaine de la Berthete Sensation Cotes du Rhone

by JC (NC) » Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:05 pm

13.5% abv
80% Grenache Blanc; 20% Bourboulenc
Nice pale gold color with transparency.
Dry wine with a hint of ginger--makes me think of a flat ginger ale although it is better than that sounds. Somewhat lacking in interest on its own although a stony mineral quality comes through. I wonder what food pairing would bring out its best--maybe an Italian hard cheese like Pecorino or an Alsatian onion tart? Overall, despite its name on the label, not "Sensational" but a decent food wine. Sells for under $15 usually.


boor-boo-LAHNK] Also known as Malvoisie du Languedoc, Bourboulenc is one of the principal white-grape varieties of the côtes-du-rhône. It requires considerable heat to ripen properly. Bourboulenc's high acid content makes it popular for use in blends to which it brings body and spicy flavors. On its own, this grape produces fresh, floral, low-alcohol wines that are best drunk young. (The ginger note probably comes from the Bourboulenc component.)

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