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Bob Parsons Alberta


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Tue Mar 21, 2006 4:09 pm

WTN: `03 Gamay Noir Burrowing Owl Vineyard--Sandhill, BC. VQA Okanagan V.

by Bob Parsons Alberta » Sat Aug 19, 2006 2:22 am

Well, forumites after my big build up, lets see how the Sandhill shakes up. Up till today, this winery can do no wrong!
14.5% alc (?),slightly chilled, opened 2 hrs and then decanted.

Colour. Very very pale garnet and already showing some age on the rim. Obvious bricking to all who tasted with me,including staff at winestore downtown. "This does not look right, only 3 yrs old". Certainly does not look your average Gamay.

Nose. Big nose but little fruit. Earthy, leathery, black pepper, spice. Not much developement overnight either. Something going on here?

Palate. Initial mouthfeel entry impression is dry, complex, earthy, blackberry. As it warms, dark fruits and still tannic. Acidity is fair but gets really bitter on the finish. Unpleasant for sure and should not taste like this. Is this baked? Certainly not at the winestore, know the place too well Not the gamay I know!

** after 24 hrs, finish is really unpleasant and no-one was impressed. Whats up.

Cost was $21.00 Cdn.
Food first night was Breaded Chicken Scallopini, sauted pots.

I will talk to the agent and hopefully retaste. BTW, I also opened the Drouhin Morgon at the Grill but a tad too chilled. I wonder about this one too but for different reasons!! Stay tuned forumites.

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