Open Mike: Bandol.

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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby Mark Lipton » Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:39 am

Rahsaan wrote:
IIRC, Parker has called Tempier's rosé the finest in the world

So now suddenly Parker is an authority worth referencing? :)

Oh, you cynic! Please note the context in which that statement was made: I was responding to a post from Bob in which he'd quoted at length from TBPG. Therefore I was merely showing that the same source had also cast praise upon Tempier's rosé, at the very least. (The reason I had that quote at hand, BTW, was that I'd read it in the last week in KL's "Inspiring Thirst" when KL used it in a sales pitch for Tempier.

My understanding of Bandol is very limited, but somehow I assumed that Tempier were the people who first made the push towards getting Bandol appreciated outside the region/country, much like Joguet in Chinon, but that now many others (especially Pradeaux and Pibarnon) have caught up, so the distance is less great and there can be debates over which one is "superior". However, recent winemaking trends and specific terroir issues are beyond me. Although they are obviously highly relevant.

That sounds pretty much like the story as I know it. One could ask what the term "standard bearer" means in this context. It's beyond question that M. Peyraud pushed for recognition of Bandol as an AOC in '57. As I said earlier, though, that's no guarantee of quality, let alone flagship status.

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Mark Lipton
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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby Bob Parsons Alberta » Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:19 am

Rahsaan, most of them are Algerians. Easy for them to pop across the pond!!


The `99 Bunan 24 hrs later.

I am in a better state of mind today and feel I did not give my `99 full justice last night on opening!! Anyhows stored in a cool spot under vacu-vin, seems to have lost some of the claret tones I mentioned. Not as funky (I did decant today), very drinkable and fine with a steak. Finish very savoury, herby with some plum and cherry. I really like the mouthfeel here!

I enjoyed reading the notes from Bob R, every wine geek should read those!! Guess he has a few more Bandols up his shelve.
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Bob Parsons Alberta
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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby Bob Parsons Alberta » Tue Oct 03, 2006 5:36 pm

By chance whilst looking around the `net I came across these pics of a recent vintage at Bunan. Sure seems to be an interesting blog, anyone else visit here?
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Bob Parsons Alberta
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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby keith prothero » Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:41 am

Thanks Keith, Jamie has a soft spot for Bandol I think!! I know I speak for many here, it is great to have you pop in from time to time, Keith.
We do not get to talk too much Pinotage on this forum, maybe down south it is not widely available or...just not popular!! What is available on the shelves here in Alberta is not recognizable by many punters. How to change that...??

Bob, It is very difficult to answer that question. Pinotage has great potential, in my view both as a single varietal wine and in blends which are often described as Cape Blends.
The quality has improved substantially in the last few years,and if I was a wine merchant in Canada,I would definately contact the Pinotage Association in the Cape and the wines of south africa to obtain info on the best wines available ,export prices etc etc. The first one in will reap the benefits :roll:
keith prothero
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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby Paulo in Philly » Tue Oct 10, 2006 2:19 pm

Robin Garr wrote:
Otto Nieminen wrote:Now to open a Nero d'Avola - new territory to me! :)

Be afraid ... be very afraid ... it is a rare thing to find a Nero d'Avola that's not spoofulated. Think blueberry milkshake ...

I tend to agree with you with most Nero D'Avolas I have had, however this past weekend I took a risk and had a 2004 Don Paolo IGT Natura Iblea. Only 13% alcohol. Blended, 70% Nero D'Avola and 30% Syrah. I found it interesting that it says on the back label: "INGREDIENTS: NERO D'AVOLA NEAT - RED WINE". Never saw anything like that - maybe wanting to let people know it's a little more clean and elegant? Because this wine surprised me. Though on the first night the warm almost burned "sugarness" was there, the second night it was almost non existent, only the dark fruit and pepper-ness on the finish. I have also had their Don Pasquale. Obviously, I picked these wines because of their names (!), but more so because the alcohol content was not as high as some. No amazing wine, but was a good choice for me for less than $20. Here is a link to their organic fattoria:
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Re: Open Mike: Bandol.

Postby James Roscoe » Tue Oct 10, 2006 6:35 pm

So this woud be an unspoofed Nero d'Avola? Maybe Otto needs to try that one? Good to hear from you by the way.
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