WTN: `99 Bandol-Domaine Sorin.

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WTN: `99 Bandol-Domaine Sorin.

Postby Bob Parsons Alberta » Wed Oct 11, 2006 1:34 pm

Opened 6 hours and drunk over 2 days. Double decanted, good cork, wax cap, hint of sediment
Very good vintage, 13% alc, well-known winery in some parts!!

WTN: `99 Domaine Sorin Bandol.

Colour. Med ruby, not a lot of depth. Pruney looking rim best description with developed light rusting.

Nose. Has taken six hours to develope anything recognizable. Earthy, foresty, raspberry and brambleberry. One experienced taster thought "amarone,rustic ripasso". I thought S Italy after this prompting!

Palate. Pruney, plums, earthy,big fall-out mid palate, very short finish too. All tannins and little fruit here.

***after 48 hrs, some ripefruit shows up on finish but still short. Alongside a Catena Malbec, this is simply blown away by the fruity,chocolate flavours. The Malbec is richer and more textured.

Cost was $37 Cdn.

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