WTN - 01 Clos St. Dennis, Dom. Bertagna

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WTN - 01 Clos St. Dennis, Dom. Bertagna

Postby Eric Lo » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:49 pm

01 Clos St. Dennis, Dom. Bertagna - just when I think the 02 NSG from Gouges is very nice, this one defines what a Grand Cru should be like! Finesse, focused and intoxicating nose that can be sniffed over and over and over. Nose made up of cherry and mineral water when first opened which later yielded to an opulent sweet strawberry and some blueberry nose accompanied nicely with an intriguing perfume which seems to go on and on,! As it evolves some roast meat picked up which I think spoiled the nice and elegant nose. As a sniffer myself, I was also wowed by the palate! Super velvety ,layered with integrated ripe berries and hint of plum. It is lush yet poised , like a women in her 30s! Tannin was there but took a backseat as well as the acidity. Finish is gentle, long and the fruit acidity carries on endlessly in my mouth that makes me don't wanna eat or drink anything! Bertagna is always a nice Dom which prices maintains a reasonable level.****
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