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Rogov's Ramblings Is Alive and Well

by Daniel Rogov » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:14 pm

The move of our forum to Robin's Wine Lovers Discussion Group seems to be work out splendidly. And now, thanks largely to Robin's generosity, it seems that Rogov's Ramblings, my compilation of articles that appeared on the "old site" will continue as well.

Robin posted my first piece today - that a compilation of my recent visit to Vinoble at Jerez de la Fronteira in Spain, along with a buncha (anything more than 100 is "a buncha") reviews of the wines I tasted there. My plan for future postings is to select those pieces most important and most up-to-date from the old site, to send them to Robin for posting and, starting in another week or two to add new articles on a weekly basis.

As on the old site, Rogov's Ramblings will consist of articles about wine - Israeli and worldwide; my food and wine-related travels, cigars, issues (both local and international) as I see them, and just about whatever comes to mind in the way of wine and restaurants as well as general culinary pieces.

As is said in Arabic, shwoya, shwoya (slowly, slowly) I hope to make those pages and articles interesting to a broad selection of forum members and others. Personally, I'm rather enjoying this new adventure.....I hope those participating and reading here are enjoying as well.


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