Founded by the late Daniel Rogov, focusing primarily on wines that are either kosher or Israeli.
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Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:32 pm

Congrats to Rogov and Israel ....

by Michael Greenberg » Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:54 am

....You have made the big time --well at least it is a start--by making a splash here in Ontario
since you have finally made it into VINTAGES CLASSICS COLLECTION (September 08) catalogue of (their several times a year special catalogue offering of fine wine& premium spirits)...for the fist time they have offered an Israeli wine in the catalogue-it is the MARGALIT ENIGMA 2006 and they quote the TN that Rogov wrote on April 27,2008 anfhis score of 93 is pricey though =$98 cdn a bottle for this wine.

Israeli boutique wines and scores from Rogov have been featured before in Vintages releases for store shelves when they had a special promotion ,but this I believe is the first time such a wine and a Rogov TN has made it into the Classics Collection offering--which as members of the previous Forum at the other site I explained as sort of a wild scramble--you put in the order for the wines you want but invariably it is rare you get everything you order as there is sort of a lottery for the limited quantity of these premium wines to meet the demand...For instance if I order 7 different wines I usually end up with about 5 in this process I tend to over order that way and if I'm lucky I may get 6/7 of my picks..Rarely have I gotten all my selections..

I'll know in late September what I actually got this time(I did include the Margalit Enigma 2006 in my order of 7 wines.

Hopefully VINTAGES (the premium wine division of the LCBO --the world's largest retail wine distributor -it is owned by the Governmemt of Ontario which regulates the wine distribution in Ontario,Canada's most populous Province) will in future expand the offerings of premium Israeli wines through the Classics Collection catalogues)..

In the Sept '08 catalogue there are many very highly rated French wines that unfortunately are out of my price range ...most of the wines I buy via this catalogue are in the $60-$125 range
---I did try for 1 French wine a $125 (Chateau Lafaurie -Peyraguuey 2003)--let's see if I get it...I also ordered some good Italians--a BRANCAIA IL BLU 2004 and a PETROLO GALATRONA 2004 and a VIETTI BAROLO ROCCHE 2004 --but I doubt I'll get all 3 of these..I also ordered 2 Pinot Noirs from California -both produced by SEA SMOKE (the SOUTHING and the TEN
from the 2006 vintage)...judging from past experience,I think I'll probably get 2/3 Italians and 1/2 of the Sea Smoke Pinots -or perhaps all of one of these2 groups if they don';t send me the Lafaurie-Peyraguey...I'd be shocked if I do not get the Margalit enigma..

We shall see in late Seprember what they are actually sending me.

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