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Malcolm Gluck Reveals His Truth About the World of Wine

by Daniel Rogov » Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:14 pm

One of my faithful correspondents just sent me a link to Malcolm Gluck's article at ... l#comments

If ever you've wondered about (a) the "real world" of wine, (b) how a former wine writer can turn against just about everything he once stood for, and (c) how a single article can be filled with dangerous overgeneralizations, you must read Malcolm Gluck's latest rant.

One only wonders if Gluck is now confessing that he was once and quite voluntarily part of an industry "that still deliberately surrounds itself in impenetrable, pretentious and often plain misleading wine-speak, churned out by snobby writers and duplicitous merchants who delight in the obscure and the shadowy, the indistinct and the imprecise. … Often the relationship between producer and supposedly impartial writer turns out to be so close they could accurately be described as twin cheeks of the same backside."

As for me… I am certainly opposed to tricks that can be played. That does not, however, say that everyone has been tainted. Generalizations are convenient but I cannot help but think that Mr. Gluck has gone just a wee bit overboard in assumiung that all or even a great many of his generalizations are to be taken as absolute truths. With apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, methinks the former critic doth protest too much.


P.S. Just noticed that a thread has been started on Robin's Wine Forum on the same subject. I'll lock this one and suggest that any reactions or thoughts be posted at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18880

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