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Penetration and Climax: Wines, Would You Believe?

by Daniel Rogov » Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:57 pm

Sent to me by one of my faithful correspondents after she spotted a discussion started on eBob about Naked Winery. At this moment (I checked out the thread at ... p?t=182043 ) most participants are taking it all with a smile but a few seem somewhat indignant.

A bit of background – the Washington State based winery (with headquarters in Oregon) is family owned, clearly a small winery and boasts wines with names such as Dominatrix, Penetration, Missionary, Foreplay, Climax and Virgin. Interestingly enough there's not a naked person on any of the labels but the wines are described in ways that few critics would use. The Penetration, for example is described as:

…a woody wine with depth. A big upfront nose with a solid oak presence. Rich cherry and plum flavors rub the buds deep down on your tongue. Watch the legs release as they spread to perfection down the glass and feel the solid oak presence grow. Intense concentration with a huge extract. Open up, relax and get Penetrated tonight.

Me, I haven't tasted the wines but I fail to find anything at all offensive here. In fact, as I see it, jolly good humor and all with a clear smile on the face. When asked, for example, whether they had won any awards the winery owners responded:
"One of the owner's did win a 5th grade chess championship but we're not sure we should be bragging out that just yet. In terms of wine awards?, you be the judge as we don't submit our wines to any competitions as our ego's are way too fragile for that"

I do not see this as using sex to sell wine. I see it as using humor to sell wine. Humor good enough in my opinion that if the wines were available to me I would certainly pick up a bottle or two just to see how they are.

See the winery's amusing internet site at ... N=64711468


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