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Giaconda: From Success to Success

by Daniel Rogov » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:28 am

When Anat and Rafaella, the two women who are the partners in Giaconda, first started importing wine I was impressed by them as people, with their knowledge and with the first wines they brought to Israel. If the truth be told, I hoped they would succeed but in this sometimes dog-eat-dog world, I was not overly optimistic.

I need not have been concerned for as they continued and still continue to import new wines and continue to make a name for themselves by their originality and integrity. I remain equally impressed, not only by the quality of the wines they were importing but by their quite competitive prices and their methods of selling (direct sales, tastings, a highly personal touch).

Yesterday the level of my reactions rose once again for this still "boutique importer" has now added a good many French wines to their catalogue. I am very positively impressed. The new French catalogue is now online and can be seen at . Most definitely worth perusing!!!


P.S. I know that I have two press tastings coming up with Giaconda. I will say though that I am hoping to receive a phone call from Anat and/or Rafaella in which I will also be able to do a private tasting with them of many of these new wines. On the chance that they are reading this note, indeed, that may be taken as a hint. 8)

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