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by YoelA » Tue May 01, 2012 3:41 am

Had a tasting of nine kosher wines from Spain last night; fund-raiser for our synagogue (seventh year in a row we have done a wine tasting). The topic this year was kosher wines of Spain. Sixteen of us tasted nine wines. Here are my notes (in order of price):

2010 En Fuego cabernet sauvignon (Yecla): I tried this one about a month ago with dinner (see my previous comment). In this tasting it finished in the middle of the pack (not bad considering at nine dollars it was the lowest priced wine). The nose was plesantly fruity. In comparison to the other wines in this tasting it had a lighter body and lighter tannins.

2009 Celler de Capcanes Peraj Petita: My first experience with this one, but it did not live up to my expectations based on comments in this forum. The nose was light and a bit vegetal. Body was rather light; acid and tannin were good and in balance; the finish was fairly tannic.

2007 Ramon Cardova rioja crianza. This was the popular favorite, especially considering the price ( $ 18.00). When we tried it a month or two ago (see my entry) it was fairly rich and smooth. Again it was soft, no doubt due to the use of American oak. Had a classic Boreaux nose, a bit of a sweetish taste (American oak, again) and a good finish.

2007 Elvi Vina Encina (Ribera del Jucar), a mix of four grapes. I put this in the tasting after having had it for dinner a little while ago (see my previous note). Tonight it tasted well - fruity nose, good body, reasonably long finish, though a bit hot. But last night nobody liked it, including me (which is why we had some left over after others were taken home by other participants). The nose was stinky, with stewed fruit and coffee components; the wine tasted dried out with the oak predominating.

2005 Elvi Adar. Another four-grape blend from the Ribera del Jucar region. This wine was included despite comments in this forum that it was on the way out. Sure didn't seem like it last night (but perhaps it's out by now); black fruit and tar in the nose, concentrated flavors in nose and taste, mild but mouth-coating tannins and a tarry but good finish.

2008 Elvi Herenza rioja crianza. Another wine that we had for dinner a little while ago (see my notes). Last night it was one of my favorites. Primarily red fruit (typical of tempranillo); a bit thin in the middle; good (though a bit hot) finish.

2008 Celler de Capcanes Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha'Abib. My favorite and generally well regarded in the tasting, even though the Cardova was preferred. The nose was a bit closed; fruit was fine, good acid, plenty of tannins, concentrated flavors. Not yet ready for good drinking IMHO.

NV Gonzales Byass Tio Pepe extra dry palomino fino sherry. Included because this was a survey tasting (I did not include any dry whites, however, as from what I've heard those that are available did not seem sufficiently distinctive.). Universally disliked. I have had fino sherries in the past, but none that were marked "extra dry". Perhaps one shouldn't be made. This sherry was thin, bitter and alcoholic.

2005 Sforno Monastrell "Dulce" (Yecla). Had very good reviews; well liked by those tasters who like sweet wines; not that well liked by me though I do really like good dessert wines. I found the wine a bit vegetal and simple. However, it probably would be great over ice cream or perhaps with a rich cheese.

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