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Katamon Winery winery visit and review....

by David Raccah » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:26 pm

Here is my take on the Katamon Winery. Two things:

1) Rogov was never a very big fan of the winery, but in his last book he started to warm up. I think that my views are very much in line here, as Avital has started to create some really nice wines, in the past year or two and that comes from gaining more experience and learning about the fruit he buys.

2) The winery is tiny and he sells the wine from his home much like Benyo does. Also, the winery is in Jerusalem proper, and may be the only one in Jerusalem left. The Jerusalem Winery exists, but that is out in the industrial buildings, not in Jerusalem proper.

My notes and information about the winery: ... d-tasting/

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