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Elie Poltorak


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Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:05 pm

Re: Half a Dollar / WeeksEnd wine

by Elie Poltorak » Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:02 am

2011 Ugav CS: B to B+/*** Needs TONS of air. In fact, it was MUCH better 24 hours after opening. Very young and fresh with vibrant fruit and firm but smooth tannins. Incredible QPR!!
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EY Han


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Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:27 pm


Jerusalem, Israel

Re: Half a Dollar / WeeksEnd wine

by EY Han » Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:21 pm

Adam M wrote:My family and I were graced this past Shabbat by the presence of two new guests named Alon and Ela.
Alon and Ela and not your typical, big city, high society personalities. They are more like the modest, stalwart folk that would reside in a rural, hardworking, G-d fearing region. Very much the salt of the earth. Perhaps not the couple that you would rely on to jazz up your party or impress a pretentious, materialistic guest. Rather, this is the type of couple that you would love to have over during the week for dinner and discuss the granular points of life. If one appreciates them for what they are, they will score very high on a list of favorite people.
Alon is the clearly the more masculine of the two. Bigger boned and more muscular, with excellent character. Definitely loves to be served rich meaty dishes whenever possible. Yet, he is cool to hang out with alone (no pun intended :) )
Ela is no doubt the lady of the two. She has fairly big bones we well. But more along the lines of a do-it-all Polish "bubby" rather than a member of the East German woman's swim team. She has a round, curvy body, if I may say so. She also has a spiciness about her that makes her fun to be around.
After enjoying their presence at the same time, their qualities are so similar that it makes sense that they are a couple.
I will be inviting these guests to my home quite often from now on, me thinks :wink:
Chodesh tov....


I love this post! I have very frequently invited all of the successive generations of these folk to my Shabbat tables. . .
I have found the Barbera, 2011? (the vintage that is the first one so far with the new label) to be continuously reliable and slightly improving more and more with months and half-years of age!

The problem is that I loved the Pinot Noir, 2010? (the vintage that is the first one so far with the new label), but my favorite wine store Derekh HaYayin, the flagship branch in Tel Aviv on HaChashmonayim St., ran out of it a long time ago. I found that this wine in particular does not store as well for some reason at some of the best wine shops in Jerusalem, unfortunately.

Best wishes,

P.S. I am supposed to open up tomorrow night at Shabbos dinner a bottle of the newly released Alon, 2011, and taste it for the first time! I have not even seen this and the Ella, 2011 sold in Jerusalem yet (albeit, I have not visited another other store in Jerusalem besides the original branch of Shachar in the German colony).

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