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WTN: Brob Besomim 2010

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WTN: Brob Besomim 2010

by Pinchas L » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:40 pm

Last night I had my second Brobdinagian wine and here I am sharing my notes:

Brobdingnagian Besomim 2010 - My understanding is that the dominant component of this field blend is Zinfandel. From the very beginning the wine displays luscious and fresh fruit flavors, more dark than red, that initially might seem jammy to some, but once the wine opens up, having tannins and spiciness compliment the fruit, I think even they will concede that the wine is not overly jammy. I find it more pleasing than the Grenache (at this point, and with my limited experience) on three counts: the fruit is livelier, the texture is nicer, and the weight is more substantial. Overall it seems like a more pleasing package. 14.5% AbV. If I'm not mistaken it also cheaper than the Grenache by a couple of dollars. B/**/Y

I also had some more of the BR Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and even on day 2 it was still drinking very well, with finely integrated components, displaying a nice interplay of fruit, tannin and earthy flavors.

-> Pinchas

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