Kitron - Thoughts and Tasting notes?

Founded by the late Daniel Rogov, focusing primarily on wines that are either kosher or Israeli.

Kitron - Thoughts and Tasting notes?

Postby Yehoshua Werth » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:42 pm


Kitron.. how , who, what, Taste?
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Re: Kitron - Thoughts and Tasting notes?

Postby Yakov F » Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:12 pm


Kitron is a small winery currently located in Bitan Aharon and owned by winemaker Meir Biton. He produces about 30k - 40k bottles annually from some of the choice vineyards in the Galil and Golan such as Menara (now supplying the grapes for Recanati Reserve) and Kidmat Tzi (Bazelet) where he has his vines tended by his grape grower. I had tasted one of his wines just once before I visited with him a few times for tastings. My friend an I were impressed with the 2009 Shiraz. With a larger group, we had a wider tasting and both the experienced wine lovers and beginners liked the wines, albeit different wines and vintages for different palates.

In my opinion it is quality wine and others whom I know seem to agree.

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