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dinner last night and brief report from Hagafen

by YoelA » Fri May 16, 2014 2:57 pm

Dinner last night with our rabbis and his family, who are making aliyah this summer. Our rabbi has been enjoying learning about wine (partly from me) and making his own. So time for some of my best kosher wines.

For the red - Hagafen 2004 Prix zinfandel. Has lost most of its original oak flavors in favor of better balance. The fruit is still there, with some spice and the alcohol ( 14+%) is in balance. We happened to taste some at the winery the day before - it was still remarkable and is even better with food. a nice and long finish.

And for the white - Recanati 2009 Special Reserve, a blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier. A melange of flavors - just about all the flavors reported by Rogov in his Ultimate book. An excellent wine with my wife's brisket and lots of fun to drink. If you have some, try it.

Ran up to Hagafen the day before to get some of their dessert sauvignon blanc for a tasting we are doing later this month (will report subsequently). Y=Tasted only a couple of wines.

The Don Ernesto 2012 collage is a mix of only Roussanne and marsanne (no viognier) and is thus still tasty but less fruity than in previous years. It's been my preference for a house white for some time.

The 2013 Don Ernesto vin gris (rose) is 100% syrah, same as the last couple og years, but is earthier and less fruity than the previous year. Still a good choice for a dry rose.

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