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TN for Weekend of February 9th, 2019

by Pinchas L » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:11 am

It's been a while since I last had a varietal Petite Syrah, so this weekend I opened the Vitkin Petite Syrah 2012. It wasn't like riding a Bronco bareback, nor was it like riding a parading Arabian in a decorated saddle, it was rather like riding an elephant in a howdah. But not because of the power or bigness of the wine, just that the tannins are indeed as pronounced, textured and groovy as the elephant's grooved skin. I'm even reluctant to say that the experience is as exotic as an elephant ride. Though I'd say that this Petite Syrah is sufficiently different from my usual wines, so as to provide a novel perspective akin to that of a rider perched on the slow moving elephant. These wonderful tannins are accompanied by smooth red fruit and distinct cured black olives. The Tzora Judean Hills Red 2012--the second wine of the weekend--had a tough act to follow. It's dark fruit is reminiscent of ripe plums harnessed to eucalyptus and firm tannins. Since I have plenty left of the Judean Hills, I'll do it more justice by reviewing it on another occasion.

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