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TN for First Weekend of Passover 2019

by Pinchas L » Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:38 am

This holiday in particular is one in which many wines are consumed and as time passes the distinction between them blurs. So rather than wait for a quite moment to try and capture on paper the details of what I tasted, I'll rush to record the wines I had.

During the Seders, I went with Rose' at the opening of both of them, gradually moving to heftier wines. Somewhat surprisingly the three roses I had didn't differ much in there fruit profile, the differences were concentrated in their intensity. My first was the Yatir Rose 2018, half Grenache, with the rest Mourvedre and Tempranillo. It's vibrancy starts with its striking fluorescent pink, bordering on cherry, continuing with its bubble gum burst of fruity flavor in the mouth. Although it lacks subtlety it is a sheer pleasure. That was followed by the Camuna Cellars Barbera Rose 2018, that closely resembles the Yatir in color and flavor, except that it is a bit more restraint. And that restraint is sufficient to allow for a strain of floral notes combined with a top line of acidity to rise above the fruity din. Finally, I had the Castel Rose 2018, this, a wine made of Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. While the others at the table like this Castel above all others, I feel otherwise. Although the fruit is present and it is pleasant, to me, it lacks intensity and moreover it comes across soft because it lacks acidity.

As the Seder progressed I moved to other reds. The first was the Prix Hagafen Pinot Noir 2014. It's a well crafted wine, but perhaps my palate fatigue couldn't appreciate its finesse. In fact, surprisingly, I liked the Prix Hagafen Merlot Jaeger Vineyard 2013 over the Pinot Noir. The Merlot exhibits robust flavors of red fruit, wrapped in elegant tannins in a substantial body. Finally, I had the Camuna Cellars Nebbiolo 2017. This is a wine whose value is in its ability to make you ponder. It attacks the palate at an unexpected angle. To me, it delivers mint, tea and perhaps cilantro. And like cilantro it garners strong reactions from anyone who drinks it. Those at the table considered it bitter and whiffed at it, but to me much of that reaction seems attributable to its uniqueness rather than to any true flaw. Speaking of uniqueness, I'd like to point out that the wines of Camuna Cellars are "natural wines", relying on natural yeasts for fermentation.

With lunch I had the Matar Chenin Blanc 2017, a wine that's clean and nutty, followed by the Tzora Shoresh Blanc 2013, that is just lovely, marrying harmoniously citrus and pome.

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