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TN for Weekend of May 11th, 2019

by Pinchas L » Mon May 13, 2019 10:59 pm

While not a quite a revelation nor extremely complex--at least at this phase in its development, the Pelter Semillon 2017 provides enjoyment as well as ample nuance to grab my interest. Its dominant flavor is a bouquet of apples, distinct enough to call them out by name: fuji and gala, though I am tempted to also include Pink Lady in the list, for its connotation, if not for its flavor. But amongst the apples, a stray melon and a wandering lime can be found. It's heady even with merely 11.7% AbV, owning to its intensity, albeit lean and focused. Interestingly, its nose is far more complex, offering up a pungency that is currently absent on the palate, and which I'm having difficulty nailing down as either Vermont maple, fragrant mushroom or wet flint.
The red was the Tzora Judean Hills 2013, that oxymoronically pales in comparison with the Semillon. It is a ripe wine, with plenty of dark fruit, mostly plum, that in its defense isn't over the top, successfully reigning in the excesses that are prone to find their way into such a wine.

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