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[WTN] Loacker 2006 "Isargus" Pinot Grigio

by MattThr » Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:01 pm

I learned a story about this wine from my local wine specialist. Apparently, the Loacker estate has only a tiny patch of Pinot Grigio, from which they make this wine. One year they decided that the economies of scale involved just couldn't be justified any more and planned to rip out the vines and replace them with staples from which they make other wines. However, the tasters from my local wine shop persuaded them that this wine was so good, that they really ought to carry on making it. Such small amounts are made that it's a pretty rare find.

After that, how could I resist? And all for just £11 a bottle!


Wine is a very deep colour for such a young vintage - almost gold, and with a touch of blush. It smells of ripe, freshly cut pear with a hint of smoke.

The initial palate is an effervescent burst of caramelised pear of such intensity that it managed to obliterate my tastebuds for the next few mouthfuls. Once you get used to it, complexities of apple, smoke, rich raisins and a little spice emerge. The wine is really quite highly acidic, but the amount of sweet flavour and creamy texture in the wine masks it nicely, creating a balanced wine with good backbone. The taste of pears lingers into a long finish.

Absolutely nothing like the rather harsh and austere Pinot Grigio I used to drink in the pub of a summers' evening a few years ago. 5/5.


And no, I wasn't just taken in by the story, this was really pretty impressive. I usually prefer red to white, but in my limited experience this is certainly one of the best whites I've tried.

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