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Re: Getting Started

Postby Bob Henrick » Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:31 pm

OW Holmes wrote:Brooke, welcome to the forum. It is a very friendly place, with lots of very knowledgeable, and very friendly and helpful people. I guess with all these knowledgeable people chiming in, I am going to have to give Chilean Cabs another try. I have in the past, including the curmudgeon's (that's BobH) recommended Montes Alpha.
Bob, you may recall you suggested that as we were walking around either Sam's Club or Costco in AA a year or so ago. I don't remember that bottle specifically, but virtually every Chilean Cab I have tried has a "greenness" about it that I don't find particularly appealing. But then again, I probably haven't tried more than a couple dozen, and none for the last year or so.
Not meaning to hijack the thread here. Again, Brooke, welcome to the party.

Bill, IIRC, you may be more of a fan of Italian red than of cabernet wines from South America. Having said that I would be happy to stop off in GR and sample your Italians! Hey, Do you ever get down to Cincinnati? There is an offline planned there on the 25 of this month at Mike H's golf club. I could be enticed to offer a good bottle or three.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby OW Holmes » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:25 pm

Now there's an invitation that I would love to accept except a) when is the 35th of the month??? and b) I think I'll head down to FL by then, whenever it is. I was going to stick around and maybe go to the world series if Boston made it, but it is looking unlikely at this point.
Say Hi to Mike H for me, will you?
And you are welcome to any of my wine whenever you are in the vicinity, Bob. I do have some nice Italian reds, but my biggest stash is southern rhone - lots of good CdP.
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