WTN: Domaine de Couron's Marselan 2005

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WTN: Domaine de Couron's Marselan 2005

Postby Tim Steffens » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:18 pm

I have never had a Marselan (a relatively new cross between Gernache and Cab. S.) before. This very young wine that I picked up for $10 is a monster! It one of the darkest wines I have had in a long time, almost inky black that coats the glass and leaves dark purple legs running down the glass in a colorful display. The nose has a ton of young fruit that almost buries anything else that may be trying to emerge, like a touch of earth, spice, and briar (in a good way). It glides into the mouth with a knockout punch of some kind of dark fruit (cannot really describe), coating all surfaces for a many minute long finish. Excellent amounts of acid and tannins keep the wine in a reasonable balance and should allow this monster to age for several years at least. The only distraction to this wine is the high amount of alcohol (around 14.5%) that gives it a hot edge when warm and imbibed without food. Perhaps a tad simple, but for the price an excellent summer/grill wine. I went back and grabbed a case ($9.45/bottle with tax).
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Re: WTN: Domaine de Couron's Marselan 2005

Postby Peter May » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:06 pm

The 2002 vintage Marselen I had claimed to be the first commercial bottling of the variety
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