WTN Steltzner Sauvignon Blanc

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WTN Steltzner Sauvignon Blanc

Postby Brian K Miller » Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:20 pm

On the bicycle last weekend, I stopped off at this tiny Stag's Leap District family estate with its cute but ersatz Tuscan-style clocktower and friendly tasting room crew.

Wasn't sure about the reds being poured-they were a little too lush/fruity for me. Maybe that's the Stag's Leap character, but I've had others that I like (Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Fay Vineyard....yummmmmmmmm
......Ouchhhhhh my credit card hurts)

However...the Sauvignon Blanc blew me away. It may not be very typical, but the lush character of honey melon mentioned in the tasting notes was right there! Absolutely delicious-and I'm not a white wine person overall. I guess a little bit of residual sugar is fun for my palette in white wines-unlike reds. Another taster mentioned that I was the third or fourth person who had tasted the SB who said "I don't like whites, but..."

The 2003 Estate Reserve Cab was actually more interesting on a second taste. I may have to try it again and pick up a bottle.

My Opinion: 4.5/5. Especially given the $16 price point!!
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