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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Two Relics Performing Above Their Pay Grade...(short/bo

by TomHill » Mon May 28, 2018 11:32 am

Cracked these two relics last night:
1. DeLoachVnyds Chard O.F.S. RRV (14.5%) SantaRosa 1997: Deep golden color; strong ripe/melony/Chard/celery seed slight earthy rather pencilly/smokey/Fr.oak slight nutty/oxidative complex nose; soft/rich/lush bit tangy/metallic/nutty/oxidative ripe/melony/Chard/slight herbal rather pencilly/smokey/caramel/Fr.oak light nutty/oxidative rather complex flavor; very long/lingering strong/ripe/melony/Chard/celery seed/herbal rich/lush/mouthfilling strong pencilly/smokey/butterscotchy slight metallic/tangy pretty complex/old Chard finish w/ slight bitterness that disappears as the wine warms; a lovely example of a fully mature or beyond complex Calif Chard that is way better than it has any right to be; some nutty/oxidative character but still offers up a lot of pleasure. $nc (MS)
2. Terra DorA Di Paolo DOCG: Taurasi Campore Riserve (Aglianico; 14%;; ViasImports) Montefusco/Campania 2004: Very dark color w/ little bricking; strong quite earthy/dusty/OV/bit loamy some plummy/blackberry/licorice/bit spicy bit rustic/hot-climate/but clean fairly complex nose; rather soft slight rustic/tannic/rough/coarse strong plummy/licorice/blackberry/Aglinico/bit sauvage some earthy/dusty/rustic fairly round/smooth complex flavor w/ light smooth bit rough tannins; very long/lingering bit rough/rustic/tannic/hot-climate rather plummy/blackberry/licorice/pungent some earthy/dusty/OV/loamy complex finish w/ light smooth tannins; a bit on the rustic/hot-climate side but quite smooth & complex a well-matured. $nc (MS)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The top-of-the-line DeLoach wines are designated O.F.S. This is an old Navy term (CecilDeLoach served in the USNavy before going on to become a fireman in Oakland) that stands for "Our Finest Selection" (wink/wink...nod/nod).
This OFS Chard was, in its day, the poster child for fat/over-oaked/over-ripe/alcoholic/full M-L Calif Chard. And we "know" that those kinds of Chards don't age worth a hoot. So I was quite surprised at how well this wine had withstood the test of time.
Tried again this morning; the wine was pretty oxidized and far gone.
2. Several weeks ago, Bob Sherwood's widow, Melody, gifted me Bob's cellar, gratis, as she had to get the wines outta there so she could sell the house. Some 8 cases worth.
Bob & I go way back to the days of UseGroup, when everybody had their punched card readers hooked up to the InterNet via USB cables. He listened to me for a lot of advice on what to buy in Calif wines. One of the first TomHill sheep. One of the early buyers, thru me, of Carlisle & Bedrock. Alas, none of those were found in his cellar. It was about 2/3'rd whites that he'd been buying on his own. Bob must have liked those Carlisles & Bedrocks and drunk them all up. (Sh)It happens.
So I separated out a few of his wines that I was confident was dead&gone. Whatta surprise these two were.
3. Taurasi: I had heard that Taurasi Aglianico had the potential to age well but had never had any old ones. Now I have and they were right. Look forward to see how my Calif Algianicos age.

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