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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Dom.Dorbon Arbois Cuvee des Moyne '10..(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:15 pm

Tried this over the weekend:
1. Joseph Dorbon AC: Arbois Cuvee des Moyne (Sous Voile; VieillesVignes; 13%; NeilRosenthalImports) Vadans/Arbois/Jura 2010: color; very light flor yeast slight mousey/resiny/earthy some Savignin/Traminer/fragrant very slight oxidative quite interesting nose; very dry/austere/tangy/bit astringent slight oxidative bit mousey/funky quite saline/drying bit Traminer flavor w/ light astringent tannins; very long very tangy/austere/bit astringent /saline slight oxidative very slight flor yeast finish w/ light astringency; the same tangy/austere/saline/savory character of a fino sherry but not as oxidative and at a lower level w/ some Traminer fruit; quite an interesting saline white that went will w/ the shishito peppers. $30.00 (K&L)

A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. After the delicious Touraize Terres Bleues I had last week:
Was in the mood for a white last night, so cracked:
1. Dom. de la Touraize Terres Bleues AC: Arbois Savignin (13.8%; www.Domaine-Touraize.Fr) Andre & Jean Morin/Jura 2015: color; strong bit melony/Chard-like/appley some earthy/musky/bit rustic interesting quite complex nose; fairly tart/tangy some earthy/stony/chalky bit appley/Chard-like bit musky/coarse/rusticslight nutty/non-oxidized almost exotic bit oafish flavor; very long/lingering some earthy/musky/rustic bit nutty strong appley/Chard-like bit stony/chalky complex finish; definitely not a VinJuane; not a lot of high-toned character like most Alpine whites but lots of earthy bass notes; a bit like a middle-aged CdPBlanc, a bit like an older Corsica Vermentino, a bit like an older Calif Roussanne; a wine that's difficult to pigeonhole but a very interesting white at an attractive price. $24.30 (BWS)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Savagnin: In the Jura, usually the grape used to make their famed VinJuane ("straw wine"), which often has a bit of flor yeast character. This wine was definitely not a VinJuane.
Savagnin (Savagnin Blanc and Savagnin Rose) is a very old grape variety that probably developed in the Alps. It shows more clonal diversity than most any other grape. The more common name for Savagnin is Traminer, which was once thought to originate near the town of Tramin in the SudTirol. But recent research seems to refute this origin, according to Jancis. The parentage of Savagnin is not known, but could possible be a cross between Pinot and another ancient grape. Or a cross between two unknown ancient grapes.
At one time, Gringet was once thought to be Savagnin. But DNA on Bellaurd's Gringet indicate it is not related to Savagnin.
Anyway, I really liked this wine and one of the better Arbois wines I've had.
I thought I'd give another Arbois a shot.
This wine was perhaps a Savagnin de voile, though the Rosenthal WebSite asserts that the wine was made sous voile, and aged 24 mo. in barrel. But I was picking up what I thought was a bit of flor yeast and it had on the palate that austere/astringent/saline character of a flor sherry. But it did have more fruit than most for a voile Arbois. Though not so good on its own to taste, with the shishito peppers, it was toned down quite a bit. This is probably a Savagnin/Chard blend.

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