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WTN: 2013 Morgon, Foillard and Descombes

by Rahsaan » Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:50 pm

These were my last bottles of each. And after some middling showings over the past year I thought I might hold onto the final bottles for a while. Oh well. Plans change and things get opened.

2013 Foillard Côte du Py
In this case, what a wonderful time to be opened. Dare I even say the perfect timing for my palate. Maturing and mellowing but still juicy. An elegant feather that glides across the tongue but still has snap and sap. Gains a bit of depth after several hours of air but I won't lose any sleep worrying about where it will evolve. This was a fun fun time. And much appreciated after a long hard day.

2013 Descombes Morgon VV
This on the other hand probably could have used more time. Darker, tighter, and more about the structure. Takes several hours of air to loosen and express that lovely Descombes stony rocky lacy fruit. Much clearer fruit here than in the Foillard, which was drifting off into the clouds. This is firm and rooted. It does give a nice dose of pleasure and was not a chore to swallow. But in the end am left thinking about potential.

Will have to remind myself (again) that I don't necessarily need to drink these wines in vintage pairs.

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