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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Three from CellarRat..(short/boring)

by TomHill » Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:34 pm

Found these three at CellarRat in KC, so tried them back there whilst I was babysitting my grandson:
1. Montinore Estate l'Orange PinotGris WillametteVlly/OR (13.6%; frmtd on skins in brls & amphora; BioDynamic/DemeterCertified; MarchesiFamily/ForestGrove/OR 2015: Pale salmon/copper bit bronze color; quite fragrant floral/PG/spicy bit Friuli-like very light phenolic/cider rather interesting nose; very tart/tangy/acidic/metallic rather salado/savory light PG/floral/carnations/spicy rather phenolic/resiny/cidery interesting Friuli-like flavor w/ light tangy tannic bite; very long quite acidic/tart/tangy some phenolic/resiny/cidery bit floral/PG/carnations/spicy finish w/ light tangy tannins; not that much phenolic character but a quite nice expression of a Friuli Ramato on the savory/salado side. $27.00 (CllrRat)
2. Giacomo Fenocchio Freisa DOC: Langhe (13.5%; EB; Imprtd by TavoloVigneto/StLouis) Monforte d'Alba 2014: Very dark color; strong rather tarry/pungent/bit licorice/rather Nebb-lke some floral/violets slight metallic/burning metal rather attractive/aromatic nose; rather tart/tangy strong pungent/tarry/road tar/licorice fairly rich/extracted some floral/violets/Nebb-like bit hard flavor w/ light bit hard/crunchy tannins; very long rather tart/tangy/metallic savory some lilacs/violets/floral/Nebb-like somewhat tarry/pungent/licorice bit grapey/Dolcetto-like light earthy/hard finish w/ light crunchy tannins; much like a rich Nebb w/o the hard/astringent/agressive/bitey tannins of Nebb; a bit on the rough/rustic side but a good Nebb stand-in. $25.00 (CllrRat)
3. Zuani RibollaGialla Dd'OC: Collio/Sodevo (12.5%) Patrizia e Figli Felluga/S.Floriano del Collio 2017: Med.light yellow color; light peppery/RG bit stony/chalky/mineral slight herbal/spicy pleasant classic RG nose; bit soft slight tangy/metallic/stony/cxhalky light RG/pepper/white pepper/bit herbal rather mild-mannered uninteresting flavor; med. bit soft/dilute light stony/chalky/mineral light RG/white pepper/floral somewhat quotidian RG finish; a pleasant/simple/almost vapid white that speaks quietly of Ribolla; rather on the dull side. $18.00 (CllrRat)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Tasted these over three night as I was babysitting my 10 yr.old grandson Caleb. On the 3'rd night, Caleb asked:"Why are you always drinking wine, PapawHill"?? Easy response: "Why are you always playing FortNight, Caleb"? The kid probably plays Fortnight for 4-5 hrs a day, at least, with his FortNight buddies. Incredible graphics...but seems a bit tedious. He downloaded FortNight onto my iPhone w/ the intent of teaching me how to play. But it soon became apparent that it was well above my intellectual level, so he gave up.

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