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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Two MarinaCoppi Biancos...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:24 pm

Tried w/ Susan on Saturday two whites from MarinaCoppi:
1. Vigne MarinaCoppi Marine DOC: Colli Tortonesi Favorita (13.5%; TheSortingTable; Francesco & Anna Bellocchio/Castellania 2012: color; somewhat herbal/thyme/bit SB-like slight Kansas hay-mow some pungent/Vermentino rather fragrant quite interesting nose; quite tart/tangy some SB-like/herbal/thyme/spicy light earthy slightly coarse/Vermentino flavor; very long some herbal/SB-like/bit pungent/thyme/garrigue bit tangy/slight metallic/savory bit coarse finish; a rather interesting Vermentino on the herbal/pungent side and not the high-toned character of most Piemonte Favorita/Vermentino; more like Corsican than Ligurian. $27.00
2. Vigne MarinaCoppi Fausto DOC: ColliTortonesi Timarasso (14%) 2013: color; lovely very perfumed/fragrant floral/carnations/spicy almost R-like bit Mosel valve oil bit complex quite aromatic nose; quite tart/tangy high-toned/Timo/floral/carnations slight R-like/mango/floral flavor; very long floral/carnations/Timo rather high-toned/R-like/mango bit Mosel valve oil lightly tart/tangy quite lovely finish; a lovely expression of Timorasso; bit pricey at $54.49 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. About a yr ago, I tried & really liked a Barbera from Coppi. I noted they also had a Timarasso, one of my favorite grapes; so ordered some and really liked it. Then noted they also carried a Favorita and ordered some of that as well.
Favorita is the Piemonte name for the Ligurian grape Pigato and Vermentino. DNA indicates it's merely related to Vermentino but a distinctly different grape. It's not clear to me that in Liquria Pigato and Vermentino are one in the same grape or just distinct Biotypes. Some wineries make a distinction betwixt the two.
The Bellocchio's started Coppi in 2003 in the Colli Tortonesi. They specialize in Tortonesi native varieties: Timorasso/Favorita/Barbera/Croatina/Nebbiolo. I would love to try the Nebbiolo.
Of these two Biancos, I preferred the Timo for its more aromatic high-toned character. The Favorita, harvested late, had more of a savory/coarse character more akin to Corsican Vermentino.

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