Culinary Poll #007: "Cow Juice"

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How Often Do You Drink a Glass of Milk?

I drink one or more glasses of milk daily
I drink a glass of milk 4 – 6 times weekly
No votes
I drink a glass of milk 3 – 5 times weekly
I drink a glass of milk 1 – 2 times weekly
I occasionally drink a glass of milk
I very rarely drink a glass of milk
I never drink a glass of milk
Total votes : 37

Re: Culinary Poll #007: "Cow Juice"

Postby Robin Garr » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:05 pm

Daniel Rogov wrote:With all due respect to you and another 50,000,000 or so people who add milk to espresso, the furthest I'll go is a macchiato. I agree with the I don't add sugar to my wine, neither do I add millk to my coffee.

A worthy argument, Daniel, but it falters in the face of my own experience in frequent travels through much of Italy, particularly the northern one-third: Cappuccinos and lattes are ubiquitous, and it's Italians sipping them. That said, this occurs only in the morning! Milk in one's espresso isn't done from lunch forward, of course.

As you get to know me better you will realize that I have somewhat of an aversion to the use of smilies. If I did not, however, this post would be accompanied by one or more.

This is the standard position of good writers, and I confess that for many years I shared this aversion. After I started moderating online communities, though, I came to realize that forum posts are not really writing; they are conversation. As such, the lack of the usual visual cues of smiles and winks and grimaces that accompany face-to-face conversation can be a serious barrier to establishing full communication, and at worst can lead to misunderstandings and sometimes anger.

I know you've been working forums for many years too, and I admire your demonstrated ability to express emotion as well as logic in a civil environment without these cartoonish crutches. For me, however, I've long since overcome my aversion, because I've found that they work.

End of sermon ... and here's a smiley for you: :lol:
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