Exploring the Culinary and Oenological Side of the Galilee

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Exploring the Culinary and Oenological Side of the Galilee

Postby Daniel Rogov » Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:36 pm

That travel in the Galilee can be a culinary and oenological delight is beyond question. For many of those living in Israel, the best way to make such trips is simply to jump into the car, to go to those places you have heard good things about and to feast your way through the day or days that you pass in this often exquisite area. For others, whether for Israelis wanting an overview of the scene or for visitors to the country, a good way to do a culinary tour of the Galilee might be with Abbie Rosner.

Abbie, who has lived in the Galilee for some twenty years is, among other things, a free-lance writer contributing to magazines such as Gastronomica. Her latest endeavor is Culinary Tours of the Galilee, an effort in which she will guide visitors to both the best known and least known of the culinary and oenological experiences. Part of the concept of her trips involves meetings with Jews, Druse, Moslems and Christians in the Galilee, meetings held largely in their kitchens, at olives presses, at artisanal cheese-makers, etc, all on an intimate basis. Tours of one or more days, conducted in English or Hebrew, are most appropriate for small groups. Trips can also be arranged to suit the needs of either/or kashrut or vegetarian.

Well worth looking into. Abbey's internet site is at http://www.galileecuisine.co.il and she can be contacted by telephone at 04 9835466 or by email to info@galileecuisine.co.il

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