Culinary Poll #26: Old Fashioned Dishes on the Menu

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Do "Old Fashioned" Dishes Have a Place on Modern Menus?

Such dishes are "retro" and indeed have a place on menus of fine restaurants
Such dishes are not at all "retro", and indeed have a place on menus of fine restaurants
Such dishes belong only in bistro-level restaurants
Such dishes belong only in mass-market restaurants
No votes
There is no valid place for such dishes on modern menus in restaurants of any level
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Total votes : 17

Re: Culinary Poll #26: Old Fashioned Dishes on the Menu

Postby Carl Eppig » Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:02 pm

In this neck of the woods there is nothing "retro" about crab stuffed lobster. We've lived in Northern New England (mostly Maine) since the 80s and it has been on the menu contiuously, and probably much longer.
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Re: Culinary Poll #26: Old Fashioned Dishes on the Menu

Postby Scott Lancer » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:21 pm

I detest the use of 'retro', though not so much as the shortened forms of the word 'vegetable'. Reducing the work of years, of creative inspiration, and in some cases simply the best combination of three to five ingredients to a trend is irritating to me. Also, these dishes are classics, and if a restaurant that treads in the style they represent can't make them well, the restaurant shouldn't be visited. Classics, more than old-fashioned.
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Re: Culinary Poll #26: Old Fashioned Dishes on the Menu

Postby Daniel Rogov » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:34 pm

Scott, Hi....

Each to his or her taste, but I do not think of "retro" as either an abbreviation or a "cute" shortening* but of a term now perfectly acceptable in the world of aesthetics. As I preceive it, retro is a term used to describe elements of modern culture that are consciously derivative of various trends, modes or fashions of the past which have come, quite often incorrectly to be seen as unfashionable.

Indeed, I think tournedos Rossini, oeuf a la Princesse, quenelles Nantua, and crepes Suzette are retro, but have no question but that they have their place on fiune menus. In another vein, restaurant (or home or office) design that harks back to the 1950's may be retro but when done well most asuredly has its place and its charm. On the other hand, return to serving Jello for dessert and that would be retro with its most negative ramifications.


P.S. Like you, I have little but scorn for those who use terms such as "veggies" or "din-din". I would sooner go hungry than have to dine on "din-din".
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