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Culinary Tours of the Galilee

by Daniel Rogov » Tue May 11, 2010 11:30 am

Abbie Rosner of the Culinary Tours of the Galilee is organizing two different trips that may well be of interest to our members and readers. For the record, Ms. Rosner, who has lived in the Galilee for 23 years, is a freelance culinary journalist and her goal in these tours is to introduce people not only to the different areas within the Galilee but to a social-historical background of the foods of the various people who reside there. That means taking people into well beloved eateries, into bakeries, through the towns and even into private homes to see, sample from and discuss cooking methods that are too rapidly being lost to the march of history.

The first tours will be of the Druze Village of Beit Jann, those at 11:30 on Thursday, 20 May and on Saturday 22 May. After exploring the village and with several stops along the way to explore culinary traditions the day will culminate with the lunch in a private home, that highlighting Druze home cookery. The cost per person will be NIS 150, that including lunch.

The second tour will take place in Nazereth and will be devoted to the baking of traditional Arab confections and pastries. The meeting will take place at the home of baker Balkees Abu Rabieh who is well known throughout the Galilee and will deal with pastries such as kaak, ghrabieh, hubs el kaleb and ftavir (and if you don't know what those are, well worth finding out). This tour will also cost NIS 150 per person and is scheduled for Thursday, 3 Jun at 09:30.

For further information, to make reservations and to find precise meeting places, Abbie can be contacted by phone at 052 3728452 or by email at

Indeed, sounds like good options.


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