Cheesecake Recipes

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Cheesecake Recipes

Postby HazelG » Wed May 12, 2010 5:07 am


With Shavuot approaching, my thoughts turn to cheesecake :D
I see that the Culinary Corner seems to deal places to eat/ drink etc.
I wondered if it was appropriate to post recipes here? I have 3 great recipes for cheesecakes (2 baked, one fridge).
If anyone wants these recipes let me know...or if it's okay to post them here, I will.

Any suggestions for the Best (International) Cheesecake Prize?

Happy baking
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Re: Cheesecake

Postby Daniel Rogov » Wed May 12, 2010 9:19 am

Hazel, Hi....

(a) Post away. The recipes will be much appreciated.

(b) Best cheesecake ever.......most certainly in New York City and in my experience the cheesecake at the Royal Pastry Shop on West 72nd Street (alas, now closed for nearly 20 years)

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Re: Cheesecake

Postby HazelG » Thu May 13, 2010 4:28 am

Ok, here are 3 recipes for cheesecakes. A bit of a cholesterol rush :?
I can't see a way to attach files here, so I'm just going to copy them in below. Hope this works ...

Cheesecake Recipe 1

500gms cream cheese (smooth white cheese)
3 eggs (separated)
½ cup sugar
1 Tablespoon (15ml) margarine
1 Tablespoon flour
1 teaspoon (5ml) vanilla
Pinch of salt
Approx. 1/3 of small tub or carton of cream
1 packet petit beurre biscuits (or Marie biscuits)

Crush biscuits into fine crumbs.
Grease a baking dish and line with ½ the packet of biscuits.

Beat egg whites separately until stiff.

Mix all the other ingredients together. When mixed well, add egg whites to this mixture.
(Optional: add raisins)

Pour mixture into baking dish and sprinkle the remainder of the biscuit crumbs on top.

Bake at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

Note: Cake rises, and falls when removed from oven.


Cheesecake Recipe (2)

1 ½ cups flour
1 egg
125gms. Margarine
½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon (5ml) baking powder
¾ Tablespoon cream

Mix sugar, margarine and flour together.
Add rest of ingredients
Press into baking dish (NOT GREASED) and press up the sides of the dish too.
NOTE: Do not bake the base.

500gms cream cheese (smooth white cheese) – Beat well until fluffy.

½ cup sugar
1 Tablespoon flour (15ml)
Pinch salt
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
¼ cup cream

Add dry ingredients to cream cheese and mix.
Add eggs and egg yolk one at a time, beating well after each addition.
Stir in cream.

Pour into unbaked base.
Bake at 250 degrees for 5 minutes
Reduce heat to 100 degrees and bake for 1 hour.


Fridge Cheesecake


500gms cream cheese (smooth white cheese)
1 carton/tub sweet/whipping cream (250ml)
1 sachet vanilla pudding
½ cup milk
2 Tablespoons (15ml) sugar

Petit Beurre or other plain biscuit.

Line a Pyrex dish with petit beurre biscuits.

Mix all above ingredients together until smooth and light.
Pour this mixture over biscuits in dish.

Place in fridge to set.

Decorate cake with strawberries or sliced kiwis

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Re: Cheesecake Recipes

Postby Matilda L » Mon May 17, 2010 5:15 am

I love baked cheesecake. Must try one of your recipes soon!
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