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Carnivore's Heaven: Dixie in Tel Aviv

by Daniel Rogov » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:05 pm

In the last week I have dined twice at Tel Aviv's Dixie. As at many of the places where I am considered a regular client, I am a man of habits, my lunches or dinners there invariably starting with the chicken wings and then going on to either the hamburger or the steak sandwich and my late night or early morning orders invariably for the eggs benedict, the home fries and, if I'm the least bit hungry, a triple side-order of bacon.

Let's start with the Burger which is most surely one of the things that God promised the people of Moses those many years ago. Made from the entrecote cut of Charolais beef (the cattle raised on the Golan Heights) the burger itself is splendiferous; the remarkably flavorful bun, with just enough crispness on the surface is freshly baked on the premises; the Romaine lettuce and tomato under the burger are as fresh as you could want; and, ordered medium-rare the combination is as full of flavor as one could ask. In my own case I ask for four slices of bacon on the burger and, if my mood is right, two slices of fine English Cheddar cheese (not melted thank you but added as the sandwich is put together). Oh yes...a bit of Dijon mustard, a side order of French fries that rate among the best in the known universe, and another order of deep fried tempura coated onion rings and you know that Rogov is in culinary paradise.

And not to forget to open your meal with Dixie's Cajun style chicken wings - wings that have justifiably earned world-wide renown even having been given awards in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Hugarian restaurant magazines as well as in my own columns. Just hot enough to tantalize the palate and just sticky enough to require the use of wet napkins after feasting (eat these only with the fingers - it is illegal to use knife and fork with them), these are best categorized as my brother likes to say "yummy for the tummy"

My own de rigueur beverage to accompany my burger - draft Hoegaarden beer, invariably starting with one half liter that goes down rather quickly and then another to be consumed at leisure with my meal.

On to the steak sandwich - that of an entrecote (medium rare please), placed between two slices of a freshly baked and crispy giabetta roll, together with melted cheese, fried onions, lettuce and tomato.'ve got to eat this one with a knife and fork but I forgive them that as each bite of the sandwich literally bursts with flavoir and melts in the mouth. With the sandwich not French fries (or chips as we Israelis call them) but with thickly sliced wedges of potatoes, those deep fried, the potatoes crisp on the exterior, meltingly soft inside and once again, alive with flavor. And, if you are truly one of the brave at heart, a side order of onion rings. Oh lord what onion rings!!!

As to breakfast - think eggs Benedict, think of a triple order of crisp bacon and, despite the English muffin under the eggs, at least two of the freshly baked rolls that are offered along with fine raspberry jam.

Worth a trip from any part of the country. Believe me, worth the flight to Tel Aviv if you live outside of Israel. Would I joke about things this serious? And no fear, Dixie is open 24 hours daily.


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