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Granitas on a Hot Morning

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Granitas on a Hot Morning

by Daniel Rogov » Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:18 am

Late morning in Tel Aviv - hot and humid. Thus, to my office away from home (Arcaffe on Rehov Basel in Tel Aviv) for two mocha granitas. Good flavor, fine texture, love how the crushed ice crunches in the mouth, love the refreshing feeling the cold drinks bring to the palate, the head, the throat, the stomach. Also this morning enjoyed how someone at the table next to mine started a small conversation and sent me a mini plate with a thick slice of dense carrot cake on which to munch.

And then of course to the nearby kiosk to purchase and devour a dark cherry flavored ices on a stick. Childrens' fare for certain but so remarkably refreshing as one strolls slowly home.


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