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Re: A new twist on bacon

by TimMc » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:14 am

Bob Ross wrote:Tim, Jenise isn't here to respond so I'll chime in one more time. She was comparing the pan fried with the oven baked techniques, and preferred oven baking.

I would have listed all of her pluses as favoring the microwave over pan frying -- hands down -- no contest.

But, Robin has tried both techniques, and prefers oven baking despite -- perhaps -- some danger from the longer cooking time.

That's good enough for me.

Next Sunday Janet's agreed to waffles and bacon -- I'll do a cookoff of both techniques and revert. [It's great to learn that you can keep cooked bacon in the fridge. That demolishes the advantage microwaving from scratch would have over baking in our house -- in our microwave we get Janet's preferred degree of crispness in less than two minutes, and lots of fat is absorbed in the paper towels.]

Tune in next Sunday! :-)

Regards, Bob

PS: I love threads like this one -- I just realized I have to do four batches -- two each flat and two each twisted. :-)


No problem.

I much prefer fresh pan fried over microwaved frozen any day.

I was just tossing in my two cents worth, is all.

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