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Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:59 am

IOTM : Risotto with venison tenderloin and Laccaria amethystea

by tsunami » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:54 pm

cut the venison tenderloin (can be substitute with deer, capricorn, elk, or other "hoofes-game") in one person pieces.

(if possible: smoke it in with norway-spruce for 40 second)

salt it and sear it, put it on a plate into the oven at 65° celsius.

now prepare the risotto a you do it always,

clean the mushrooms and if needed use some water, place them on a dry towel.

heat up a pan, place the mushrooms "dry" into-it, and sear them hot for 30 seconds, go down with the temperature and add fresh butter pepper and if you have norway-spruce offshots, salt it, and add the jus from the meat. (bevor serving: thake the offshots out)

thake a nice plate and arrange the risotto, above the muschrooms and the meat

enyoj 8)

you can thake chanterelles if you cant find this wild mushroom or
a potpurri of wild mushrooms!

:!: make shure to let the wild mushrooms controll by a trained professional :!:
Tsunami alias Albino

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