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Re: Spice - more is not always better

by GeoCWeyer » Mon May 28, 2012 3:36 pm

I could be seen as guilty of being a culprit of "over use", not of many ingredients in a dish but perhaps of one element. Many times I like to feature or highlight one spice or flavor from your list. I prefer the results.

I don't like a mixture of spices or flavors overused in one dish. When entertaining or in my restaurants when we did a buffet I paid particular attention to see that most of the dishes highlighted one or two seasonings, each dish distinct. Nothing is worse than going to a buffet line where all the salads or sauces seem to have a similar taste.

I think many young cooks think that more is better. More, in both the number of ingredients and the amounts seems to be typical. With experience, the better cooks mellow a bit and learn that in many cases less and refinement is better. My son was like that for a few years. About 6 years ago he had really tamed down and became a better cook than his old man. He could take almost any recipe of mine and tweak it making it better than the original. I bought him a Top Chef coat a few years ago and presented him with it. He is the family's "Top Chef".
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