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Growing the Ghost & Butch peppers

by GeoCWeyer » Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:57 pm

Last year out of curiosity I grew as one of my array of peppers a ghost pepper plant. I have only tasted anything "ghost" once. It was a salsa. When I unknowingly sample some I noticed it was rather hot. I thought it was habenero. Habenero is too hot for me to comfortably consume. I enjoy jalapeno hot. Even serrano is too hot for me. About 5 minutes later my stomach was quite uncomfortable even from no more than a tsp of the salsa. I the4n read up on the pepper and last year raised a plant out of curiosity. I gave away all the peppers to those interested and at the end of the season the plant as well. A woman from Mexico took some home and reported to me that she only used the bottom portion of the pepper in a sauce served with rice. She said it was very hot but saborisimo. The fellow who took the plant had taken a few peppers earlier and said that from the potted plant they were able to get another crop to grow inside the house.

The plant is different shaped as are the leaves from the more common varieties. The peppers are not large. They start out as a light green slowly turning yellow and then turning to a bright orange and finally to a reddish orange. They are a bit shriveled and end in a point

This year I decided to grow a ghost pepper plant again. Thinking it might get lonely I also decided to grow a buddy for it. I also have a "butch" pepper plant. This is also called the Jamaican scorpion. The shape of the plant is similar to the ghost. The leaves clearly show they are related. The peppers start a darker green, then lighted and then go directly to orange. The peppers are rounded at the bottom and have a shape as if the pepper was a bit squashed.

Might not bother to grow either one next year now that I know the plants and how the fruit matures.
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