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Great restaurant in Kansas City

by Ryan M » Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:26 pm

Hello Folks,

This past week we went out for my stepfather's birthday. Originally, we were going to eat lunch at a wine bar, but when we got there, discovered they had just changed their hours. So we went with plan B, and a happy thing it was for us. We ate a restaurant called Michael Smiths, named for the proprietor. He and his ex-wife had previously run to of the most highly rated restaurants on Kansas City, but divorced, and this is his new venture, openned about a year ago. Decore was elegant but tastefully restrained. This was one of those simple but impeccable lunch experiences. Cuisine is best described as modern/continental. Bread served was fresh ciabatta. I had braised rabbit with potato gnocchi, chantelle mushrooms and shaved parmesan - amazing stuff (with that a glass of Ch. Teyssier St.-Emilion 2005). That followed by peach crostata with fresh walnut ice cream - also amazing, particularly the ice cream, with a very impressive cappuccino. Solid wine list, and on shelves in the dining area their high end selections, which were added so recently they hadn't even made it on the list yet. Let's just say that anybody who puts a bottle of DRC Grand Echezeaux on display in reach of customers is running a high quality establishement! Pricing not unreasonable for such high quality. My lunch size portion (I'll will note that it was a very conservative portion - not so far as to say small, though) of braised rabbit was $11 or $13 I believe. Wine pricing reasonable - a glass of the Teyssier was $15, but it was a very healthy glass. In downtown Kansas City (MO): Highly, highly recommended. Certainly one of the top ten dining experiences I've had (and a candidate for top five).
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