IOTM: Nectarine and Blueberry Clafouti

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IOTM: Nectarine and Blueberry Clafouti

Postby Mike Filigenzi » Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:48 am

This is from the May 1999 issue of Gourmet Magazine. They got it from the Pineapple Inn, a B-and-B on Nantucket Island. I made it with fresh-picked white peaches subbing for the nectarines. It came out a little "wetter" than I thought ideal, but not enough to spoil taste or texture. I used a slightly sweet muscat for the wine, which I thought worked very well. Delicious stuff served at room temp with ice cream on a hot day.

Nectarine and Blueberry Clafouti

2 nectarines (or peaches!), about 1/2 lb.
1 c. blueberries, about 5 oz.
1 c. fruity white wine such as riesling (or a sweet muscat)
5 T. unsalted butter
4 large eggs
1/2 c. granulated sugar
1/8 t. salt
1/2 c. all purpose flour
1 c. whole milk
1 T. vanilla
confectioner's sugar for dusting

Preheat oven to 325° F and butter a 2-quart shallow baking dish. Cut nectarines into 1/4-inch thick wedges and macerate in a bowl with the wine and the blueberries for 15 minutes.

Melt butter and cool slightly. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, granulated sugar, and salt. Whisk in flour until combined well and whisk in milk, butter, vanilla, and 1/4 c. of the wine from the fruit mix until smooth. With a slotted spoon, transfer fruit to a baking dish, reserving the rest of the wine for another use (like drinking it then and there, which is what I did) and arrange in the bottom. Carefully pour the batter over the fruit (the fruit will rise to the top) and bake in the upper third of the oven until puffed and set in the center, 55 to 60 minutes. Transfer to a rack to cool. Dust with confectioner's sugar just prior to serving. Can be served warm or at room temp.


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Re: IOTM: Nectarine and Blueberry Clafouti

Postby Jenise » Fri Jul 14, 2006 12:08 pm

Aren't clafouti's beautiful? Anybody who loves to decorate should make them all the time, you can be so artistic with them.
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