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Falo Portuguese? Part Two - Port Wines

by Daniel Rogov » Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:50 pm

Continuing from my tasting notes from yesterday's visit to Andre Suidan at Special Reserve in Haifa, this time with my tasting notes for the Port wines he is importing. Prices given are for direct sale from Special Reserve (109 Hanassi Ave, Haifa) by phoning 04-8361187 or by sending an email to .

See my tasting notes on dry Portuguese wines at viewtopic.php?f=29&t=21701

The notes that follow are presented in the order of the tasting.


Quinta do Estanho, White Port, Portugal, n.v.: Despite its popularity in parts of the U.K., white Port remains somewhat of an oddity, more a joke to most Frenchmen than a wine to be taken seriously. Whatever, although made from white grapes, resembles a young Ruby Port in aromas and flavors, showing a fresh orange and stewed pear personality to go along with notes of iodine, caramelized sugar and crème brulee. Somewhat alcoholic on the finish. Best as an aperitif. Drink now or in the next year or so. NIS 69. Score 82. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Portal, Moscatel Branco, Portugal, n.v. Deep golden towards bronze in color, with raisin, ripe pear, fig and caramel notes and on the long finish a generous hint of roasted nuts and citrus peel. Serve well chilled as a dessert wine or on the rocks as an aperitif. Well done. Drink now. NIS 99. Score 87. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Estanho, Fine Tawny Port, n.v.: Without great complexity but very nice, a supple tawny with plum, caramel, floral and earthy notes, finishing with peppery fruitcake aromas and flavors. Medium-bodied, moderately sweet with a generously fruity finish. Drink now. NIS 69. Score 85. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Estanho, Porto Reserva, n.v.: A deep, smooth wine in the style of tawny Port, showing light carmel, orange peel, caramelized sugar. Round, long with notes of chocolate, caramel and licorice. Drink now. NIS 125. Score 88. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Estanho, Porto, 10 Years Old, n.v.: A 10 year old Tawny, showing almost cherry red. Smooth and round, with appealing honey, toffee, caramel and nutty aromas and flavors, those matched by a hint of licorice on the long finish. Drink now. NIS 165. Score 90. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Estanho, Porto, 20 Years Old, n.v.: Surprisingly light in color for its age but full-bodied, with generous sweetness set off nicely by notes of plum, orange peel, toffee, roasted almonds and dried fruits. Full-bodied with an abundant caramel character leading to a long finish. Well done. Drink now. NIS 380. Score 92. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinto do Estanho, Fine Ruby Port, n.v.: Dark ruby in color, a generously spicy wine with cherry, red berry and vanilla on a background of velvety tannins. Firm but smooth and moderately long, an excellent introduction to Port wines at a very reasonable price. Drink now. NIS 69. Score 86. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinto do Estanho, Vintage Port, 2000: Opens with a nose rich with blueberries, currants and figs and coming in on the palate long-lingering notes of chocolate and fruit cake. Medium-bodied, with soft tannins, good acidity and a medium-sweet finish. Refined and well balanced. Drink now-2017. NIS 295. Score 91. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinto do Portal, Porto, 10 years Old, n.v.: Somewhere in style between a ruby and a tawny Port, showing subtle layers of custard, fruit pudding and caramel. Medium-bodied, moderately sweet, with a long finish on which you will find nutty and toffee notes rising. An ideal wine with mature hard cheese. Drink now. NIS 180. Score 91. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Portal, 20 year old Tawny Port, n.v.: Full-bodied, generously sweet but with fine balancing acidity and showing a tempting and delicate array of caramel, milk chocolate and honey, those on a background of dried apricots and apples. An especially fine old Tawny. Drink now-2020. NIS 380. Score 93. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Portal, LBV (Late Bottled Vintage Port), 2001: Dark garnet in color, a deep and rich wine with a spicy almost Muscat like floral note on first attack, that opening to reveal rich plum and black cherry flavors. Good balance and structure that bode well for the future. As good a bet for those first being introduced to Port as for those who have loved it for many years. NIS 165. Drink now-2013. Score 91. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

Quinta do Portal, Vintage Plus, 2003: An unusual name for a Vintage Port, indicating that the blend contains more of the Touriga Nacional grapes and that special barrels were selected for this limited bottling. Deep garnet towards inky black in color, a full-bodied, medium sweet wine with velvety smooth tannins, opening to show blackberries, raisins and prunes, those offering up fleeting and tantalizing notes of grilled meat and prunes that play beautifully on the palate. A wine that opens layer after layer and boasts a finish that goes on and on. Exquisite. NIS 390. Score 95. (Tasted 20 Jan 2009)

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