WTN: Very nice red from obscure Fronton appellation

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WTN: Very nice red from obscure Fronton appellation

Postby Tim York » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:54 am

Fronton "Mons Aureolus" 2006 - Château Montauriol, Nicolas Gélis - Alc. 12.5% - (c.€9), made from Négrette 50%, CabSauv 25%, Syrah 25% and oak aged (25% new) for 12 months. http://www.vignobles-nicolasgelis.com/c ... ontauriol/ .

The weather has turned sultry and this was paired with a chicken salad and consumed in the garden at about 16°C. It fitted the bill perfectly but I think that it would also do well as an autumn or winter wine.

The Fronton or Côtes du Frontonnais appellation (label says Fronton) is located a few tens of kilometres north of Toulouse and is little drunk outside its own region. One distinguishing feature here is the grape variety Négrette, of which records exist dating from the 6th century; once widespread in south-western France, Fronton is now its remaining stronghold with a few specimens also found in nearby Gaillac and Tarn.

C: Deep red with a purple tinge.
N: Well developed sweet red fruit with a wet leather tang.
P: Quite full bodied with suave patina and mouth-feel but lively acidity, quite firm structure and attractive sweet fruit balanced by the wet leather tang and touches of liquorice. In spite of the patina, this wine has definitely a sense of place seeming a sweeter and more charming distant cousin of the more austere but classier Cahors some 80 km further north (NB, though, no grape varieties in common). The wood treatment is very well integrated but contributes that suavity which may not be fully typical; I might prefer a more rustic example. Still a very good wine and, FWIW, an Hachette *** winner, which I get this time; 16/20+.

I'll look out for more Fronton.
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Re: WTN: Very nice red from obscure Fronton appellation

Postby JC (NC) » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:14 pm

Tim, I liked a Negrette wine from Kenneth Volk in Santa Barbara County, CA. Might have been my first Negrette. The winery says the grape is sometimes called Pinot St. George in California.
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Re: WTN: Very nice red from obscure Fronton appellation

Postby Bob Parsons Alberta » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:26 pm

Came here Tim after the rough-up on my Muscadet thread. We used to see some Fronton wines here a few years ago so nice to see this piece.
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