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by Bob Parsons Alberta » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:47 am

Arinto is a grape variety grown in Portugal, mainly in the Bucelas and Vinho Verde producing areas. I would think this might be considered obscure enough for this Focus so lets give one a try.

WTN: `07 Prova Regia Arinto, Bucelas Portugal.

13% alc, $20 Cdn, good natural cork, long thin-necked bottle unusual, wine comes from Companhiadas Quintas.

Color. Light straw w. brief hints of green.

Nose. Has a lot going for it with some appealing aromatic tones. Grass, minerally, BC apple like Granny Smith, passionfruit and lime as it warms. Distinct and funny how these tones did not follow through on the palate.

Palate. Initial entry is dry, no spritz, mineral, very brisk striking acidity. "This is the norm" HRH Jancis.
Reminds me of a typical V Verde, lots of citrus throughout. "Certainly not even close to a tropical fruit, pineapple" from across the table. Went quite well with a sauteed pork cutlet, on day 2 had a herbal feel on the finish which was slightly less enamel stripping! Might try with some shellfish when I buy another.

I see that Arinto is blended with Chardonnay, now thats future research eh.

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