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Porterhouse & Zin

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Santa Rosa, CA

Porterhouse & Zin

by John Treder » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:51 pm

No particular occasion - just a nice late summer Sunday.

I had half a bottle of Limerick Lane Collins Vineyard Zin '04 (RRV) left over from spaghetti with fresh tomato and mushroom sauce last night, and a nicely marbled Porterhouse with a nice big filet side.
I diced some garlic and soaked it in olive oil, put some mesquite charcoal in the firepot, got the wine out of the refrigerator, picked another tomato (no shortage there!) and put some potatoes in the oven to bake.
Limerick Lane (the road, pronounced to rhyme with "lime") goes easterly off Old Redwood Highway just a few yards from the Foppiano winery. Not long after you cross over 101, you come upon Limerick Lane winery on your left. Collins Vineyard is just across the road, with a mix of old (1910-1920) blocks of Zin and newer blocks replanted in the 1950s, more or less. Their wines sometimes don't show too well in the tasting room because they are not at all in the blockbuster style.
Old-fashioned tart cherry Zin. Very good! Tonight, the brambles were more evident than last night. The color was dark purple and it had a fresh fruit aroma. Bought at the winery 10/07 for $26.00. 14.6% alcohol.
Oh, yes, the steak was rare and tasty, and Gravenstein apple pie made a Sonoma County Classic meal, even if I'm in Santa Clara County.

John in the wine county

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