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Dom Cristia Cuvee Renaissance 2000

by michael dietrich » Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:37 pm

We had this last night for dinner to go with beef tenderloin roast. On the first smell it showed a fair amount of barnyard and funk. This was a big brooding wine with dark fruits and lots of intensity. It also showed that it still has 5+ years ahead of it. I got to taste this wine when a guy named Peter Finkelstein came by. Dom Cristia was not one of the CDPs I was familiar with at that time. The regular bottling was 2001 but the Renaissance was 2000. I was extremely taken with it back then. It was absolutely top rate CDP. It has done an excellent job of growing up. Unfortunately they are no longer in my market. The current importer is in Washington state called Chloe.

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