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Bill Buitenhuys


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Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:47 pm


Phoenix metro

King of the Lobster Roll

by Bill Buitenhuys » Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:48 pm

Takeru Kobayashi, the man that has set all hot dog consumption records, is at it again. Tomorrow he is in Tennessee for the Krystal Square Off III World Hamburger Eating Championship. He won I and II.

But recently he took on a new food item, the lobster roll. He had never eaten a lobster roll, or any lobster, reports the Boston Globe, until a day before the competition. The next day he downed 41 lobster rolls (hot dog bun sized) in 10 mins.

His key (via interpreter) "When he's doing well in competition, he doesnt taste a thing...If he tastes anything, it means he is eating to slowly"

So 41 lobster rolls and not one bit tasted. :evil:
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Carl Eppig


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Tue Jun 13, 2006 2:38 pm


Middleton, NH, USA

Re: King of the Lobster Roll

by Carl Eppig » Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:02 pm

Good thing he didn't have to pay for them. As you know they run a little more than hot dogs or hamburgers.

Love 'em though.

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