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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: A White&Red for Dinner...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:26 pm

Susan & I tried ystrday:
1, SansLiege Sancha 100% Marsanne DerbyVnyd/PasoRobles (51 cs; 14.5%) CurtSchalchlin/SantaMaria 2007: Deep gold color; very intense figgy/honeyed/nutty/toasted hazelnuts/waxy slight floral/carnations really lovely/complex nose; soft intense honeyed/figgy/waxy/lush rich/mouthfilling slight oxidized/nutty/toasted hazelnuts some complex flavor; very long figgy/honeyed/waxy/nutty/almondy some ripe peach/apricots/floral ripe/rich/lush some complex finish; a bit on the soft side but starting to get really interesting; a really lovely Marsanne.
2. Drew Syrah PerliVnyd/MendoRidge (14.2%; 2010: Dark purple color; somewhat earthy/loamy strong blackberry/Syrah/spicy/cinammon bit graphite/forest floor/cold-climate peppery light toasty/oak/smokey very interesting nose; rather tart some hard/tannic/angular strong blackberry/Syrah/peppery slight eartht/loamy/dusty slight charred/oak flavor; long strong blackberry/Syrah/spicy light peppery/earthy/loamy/forest floor/piney rather lean/hard/tannic/tight/structured rather tart finish; needs at least 2 yrs and should go out 10 yrs and more; fairly priced at $40.00
And a wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Marsanne: Thiis wine comes from the DerbyVnyd, which used to be known as the RozetVnyd. This was a bit atypical of Calif Marssanne which tends to be a bit on the dull size until it gets some age on it. This was unusually aromatic for Marsanne as it transitions into that nutty/toasted hazelnuts/oxidized character.
2. I have, of course, followed Jason & Molly Drew from the very start, when they were making Syrah down in SantaBarbaraCnty. I believe Jason started down there w/ BrianBabcock afore striking out on his own. I thought his SBC Syrahs were some of the best, a bit like the Ojais w/o the oak.
Jason & Molly moved up to MendoCnty some 5-6 yrs ago, where Jason was originally from. They are located in Elk, very close to the PacificOcean. They specialize in Syrah/Pinot from AndersonVlly/MendoRidge/YorkvilleHighlands. Their other Syrah comes from the ValentiVnyd.
His Mendo Syrahs are rather different from what he did in SBC. They are somewhat more restrained/balanced, more ageable (?, probably), and quite a bit more interesting. They don't get much respect, I feel, for their Syrahs.

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