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Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:05 pm

Re: Sending / WeeksEnd wine

by Elie Poltorak » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:23 am

I really need to stop procrastinating on these posts...
This past weekend I was in Miami, so I went for warm weather wines:

Kidush on the 2011 Recanati Rose: B++/*** Absolutely delicious. Much better than the already quite good 2010. All the typical rose notes (strawberry, roses, etc.) with a dallop of lemon zest and a long, zesty finish. Definitely the best rose I've ever had (aside from the incredible Flam, which is sui generis--more cab franc than rose)--including some twice the price (e.g., Castel). Great quaffer but rather nuanced as well if you take the time to really tune in.

2008 Willm Riesling: A-/*** WOW! Not many real Alsatian rieslings on the kosher market. Bone dry. If I had to describe this wine in one word, it would be Esrog. It opens with Esrog on the nose, along with some floral notes and stone fruit, first attack screams of esrog compote, without the sugar, and the long finish is indisputably esrog zest. Great minerality on the mid-palate. Really coats the mouth with an appealing oiliness--like a great viognier. A spectacular wine, and it was on sale for $14!!!! I look forward to many more bottles. Victor importers really needs to do a better job promoting this wine.

2008 Willm Gewurtztraminer: B++/*** Incredible nose literally fills the room with a bouquet of flowers, rosewater, and tropical fruit. Off dry. Delicious with hot & spicy food--bringing out the slight sweetness. Apricot, stone fruit, and citrus round it out. The finish is rather short though.

2008 Willm Pinot Gris: B-/** Light body, floral nose and a bit of spice. Pretty dry but not quite bone dry. Not a bad quaffer but lacks the complexity of the other 2 Willms.

2005 Ella Valley Vinyard's Choice Cabernet Sauvignon: B+ to A-/** If you're seeking typicity, this wine has it. A very classic Israeli cabernet, hitting all the expected notes: blackberry, raspberry, red currant, garrigue, barnyard funk, cigarbox, baker's chocolate, and a TON of pencil lead, which goes on and on on the finish. A surprising note of winter mint as well. Although I really enjoyed this wine, I couldn't quite rate it A- as it's marred by a bit of excess heat. If not for that, it would be perfect.

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